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This is what I reckon…

I’ll admit, before I start this ‘the-things-I-could-do’ rant that on an academic level, I haven’t a clue what I’m talking about. This is just my opinion and view of the most obvious, correct and morally right thing to do.

We are constantly told in Britain, that we’re broke. We’ve got no money, we’ve spent it all on sweets and sherbet dib dabs and blowing up brown people so there’s no more. Sorry, goodbye and thank you.

This is bollocks. Well, to a certain extent. Without getting into too unfamiliar terrain of banking economics, all money is made up isn’t it? The economy is just an idea and we only can’t have that new car or new shoes cause we don’t have enough numbers on the screen of our bank accounts. Why I see that as fair for if you want something as trivial as new shoes or a new car, I don’t see how that flies when it comes to someone dying of hypothermia in winter because they have no food or shelter. I don’t see how it’s logically possible to have derelict council houses spanning miles, firms struggling for construction work and people begging to live in them.

Ah, people say, ‘Rob, that’s because we have no money to pay all these people. They won’t work for free you know!’ Alas, that is true. But let’s take a minute here. For arguments sake, let’s say we have bugger all in our metaphorical pockets (as a student, this is a reality to close to home). Let’s forget that the government still pays out millions, if not billions to companies, subsidies, MPS, Lords, pensions for people who don’t need it, Aid for other countries, war etc etc. We need to say ‘Right, I’ve got fuck all. I need some money’. You could cut back on spending yes. But what if you can’t? This is where I (and a lot of others) differ with the government. You can only cutback on what you don’t need. It would be no good for a household, mother of two say ‘I need more money. My sons cannot eat this week.’ No that’s shite. She would have to say ‘No, I need more income’. The government, and by proxy society, us, human beings with lives, dreams, kids, bellys that need to filled and bills that need to be paid cannot run like a business. We cannot fanny about, trimming bits of fat until we finally realize ‘oh, wait I’ve buggered it. I’ll start again.’ When people die waiting for care, housing or food you can’t hit the reset button.

So, we need more money. Let’s just think right, In my house (bare with me) whos got the dollar. I know I always sort everything but I’m a bit short so if you could pay for a little bit, then I’ll give you this back bit by bit. Sounds fair, we’ve all been there. A friend, whose helped us out countless times before needs a little boost. ‘Yeah sure Dave, I’ll give you that £40. Let’s go out tonight!’. Here ladies and gents, is what should be happening between the government and the financial sector. Since the 80’s we have done nothing but invest and invest and invest in the financial sector because it’s been a great success for us. But when it’s gorged itself like a fat child heading for diabetes like a steam train, we’ve said ‘It’s OK champ, here have some money and you be more careful next time! Oooh, boys will be boys’. Which OK, we’re not happy about and but I don’t like to see people suffer. But now it’s time to return the fucking favor. We would need a tenth, no a HUNDRETH of what we gave out just to give us a little boost. N.B. http://robinhoodtax.org.uk/.

So there you go, if we really “don’t have any money” lets just get some from the people we LENT all those billions to just a few years ago. 

That way we won’t need the most abhorrent and offensive remarks like this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-26788377. 

I think in Britain, we’ve dabbled with this weird, phony American experiment of playing ‘business man’ but I don’t find it very British. I don’t find it very British that we look at the price of everything and the value of nothing. I’m not attacking capitalism like a faithful, misguided comrade (like every other teen, I used too.) but you’ve got draw the line at some point and say ‘Well, it’s a stupid idea isn’t it.’ It is. Just as anything is sometimes, they work for some things and not for others. I think we need a little more economic democracy in Britain.

I don’t mean we have sit and vote on everything, democracy isn’t confined to ticking a box for the lesser dickhead every four years. It’s much more than that. I mean let’s look at how these actions affect people. Everyone needs a home, healthcare, food, education, protection, transport, an income (of sorts). So, why in all of logic are these not accessible and shared by all? They don’t turn a profit? Inefficient? Who the fuck cares? I don’t expect to win awards for the best middle-management for the NHS or to cut loses in the rail network. No. I care, when I need to get from A to B, I can get on something faster than my own two feet. As long as it work, It doesn’t need to be the biggest, fastest, 2.0, XTREME version. I don’t care. This is what Britain is about. We’ve never looked fancy, we’ve never looked good but we’ve always made sure we do the proper thing and made it good. Let the free-markets keep shoving iPhones and Starbucks down our throats, I love it. Nothing wrong with that for now. But when it comes to people, us. When it comes to you, let’s think well maybe I don’t need a billion pound bonus. Maybe we don’t need to beat the profits that we made last year. Maybe I don’t need a 62 plate car, I can live with a 58 for another year. Maybe three holidays abroad is enough? It’s not just those ‘greedy fat cats maaaan’ that are too blame. The middle class, the divided. We all need to see we, middle-class Britons have had it good for fucking ages. We live in an economy that booms, busts and shifts about. You wanted it and now you’ve got it. We enjoy the positive sides; cappuccinos and weekend mini-breaks but now it’s time to grow up and say ‘Yeah maybe we can’t buy the new iPad this year’ Oh big wow.

Raise taxes, chip in and when we can give at least the little bit of dignity to everyone, then extend your conservatory. 

It’s a basic Keynesian economic philosophy, a philosophy that got us out of a 30’s depression and built a thriving and brilliant welfare state including the NHS and full employment after WWII.

Peace out. 

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